Smooth skin, natural care and prevention

Smooth skin, natural care and prevention

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Smooth skin: If you think it is difficult to have glowing and healthy skin, you have never tried these DIY treatments. They are natural preparations that will make your skin smoother and more radiant. Take note and try them now!

Having smooth skin with an even complexion is one of the basic requirements for feeling beautiful and at ease with yourself, regardless of age. We women know how dull and uncared for skin can destabilize us emotionally! It therefore becomes of vital importance to dedicate the right care to our skin.

Smooth skin, 5 foolproof recipes

To have smooth and glowing skin, you don't need to spend a lot of money on cosmetic products that promise miraculous results. There are some recipes that we can make at home; they are simple to prepare and inexpensive. Let's see them together.

Recipe based on avocado and almond oil


Pour 2 tablespoons of Vaseline into a saucepan and heat in the microwave; it will have to melt a little, without getting burned. Then, add 1 tablespoon of almond oil, a tablespoon of honey. Mix the ingredients until you get a homogeneous mixture. Once this is done, add the egg yolk and the pulp of half a well-ripened avocado. Mix everything carefully.


Before applying the cream, let it rest for at least 5 minutes. In the meantime, wash and dry the face skin well. At this point, apply the mixture by making a circular massage. Leave on for about thirty minutes. After this time, remove the cream with the help of a cotton swab or a towel moistened with warm water.

Recipe based on chickpeas and turmeric


Pour 2 tablespoons of chickpea flour, a teaspoon of turmeric, 50 ml of fresh milk, a tablespoon of lemon juice and a tablespoon of coconut oil into a bowl. Mix everything carefully until you get a homogeneous mixture. You will get a yellow compound with a strong consistency.


Apply a thick layer of cream on the face taking care to avoid contact with the eye and eyelash area. Leave on for about 15 then rub lightly with your fingertips to remove the mask. Remove the last residues with lukewarm water and, finally, gently dry with a towel.

Cucumber recipe

Preparation and use

Peel and cut a cucumber into slices. Once this is done, grind the vegetable with a blender adding a yogurt. Apply to the face and leave for 15 minutes.

Thanks to the high amount of water contained in the cucumber, this recipe is particularly suitable for moisturizing the skin of the face. It also helps clean it and make it brighter. This compound also contains a lot of vitamin C, a substance useful for skin health.

Recipe based on avocado and banana


Pour a banana and a half avocado previously well chopped into a bowl with a spoon. Mix the ingredients until you get a homogeneous mixture. At this point, add a tablespoon of honey and mix again.


Apply the mask on the face and leave for about 10 minutes. Finally, remove the mixture by rinsing with plenty of warm water.

Rich in vitamins A, B and E, avocado helps to deeply hydrate the skin and protect it from external aggressions. Also, combined with banana, it is an excellent remedy for smoother and more radiant skin.

Recipe with clay


Pour 2 tablespoons of green clay, a tablespoon of almond oil and two tablespoons of demineralized water into a bowl. Mix the ingredients until you get a smooth paste without lumps.


Apply a layer all over the face, taking care to avoid the most delicate areas, such as eyes and lips. Leave the product to act for 10 to 15 minutes. When the mask is completely dry, remove by rinsing with plenty of cold water.

This recipe is particularly suitable for those with combination or oily skin problems. Thanks to the regular use of this mask we can eliminate the impurities that clog the pores of the skin. The result will be a brighter and healthier-looking face. In addition to having purifying and absorbent properties, this recipe helps speed up the healing process.

Important recommendation to always have smooth skin!

In addition to cleaning the face in the morning, it is also essential that in the evening, especially if you have used cosmetics. Taking off make-up is a sacred habit that must never be skipped! Eliminating makeup residues, pollution and dead cells is an essential routine in order not to irritate the skin, preserve it from acne and make it brighter.

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