Foods to strengthen hair

Foods to strengthen hair

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Foods to strengthen hair: causes of hair loss, what are the foods to avoid and what are the foods that help preserve hair health.

The weakening of our hair can be caused by various factors: pollution, seasonality, hormonal imbalances, physical and emotional stress, the use of aggressive products, thyroid malfunction or nutritional deficiencies! Like our skin, hair, to be strong and shiny, needs the right mix of micronutrients that are easily available in certain foods

Many foods, in fact, contain a high intake of proteins, vitamins and mineral salts, all essential substances that help slow down hair loss, strengthening them and stimulating the production of keratin.

A healthy and balanced diet helps us to have healthy hair. For this reason, it is good to include all those foods that can strengthen hair in your diet.

As we all know, 80% of the hair is made up of keratin. If we minimize the consumption of protein in our diet, our body will have a harder time forming keratin. Similarly, iron deficiency also affects hair health, making it appear thin and brittle.

It is good to underline that as there are useful foods to strengthen hair, there are also those capable of weakening and stimulating hair loss, if taken in high doses such as coffee, sugary drinks and diets rich in hydrates and fats low in protein.

To strengthen the hair, in addition to following a correct diet, it is preferable to follow some healthy habits such as: do not smoke, sleep at least 8 hours, avoid conditions of stress and anxiety. But what are the foods that provide high nutritional properties useful for preserving the health of our hair?


In addition to containing a high intake of omega 3 fatty acids, salmon has B vitamins and fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin A and vitamin D. Vitamin A plays a vital role in the hair; helps lubricate the hair follicle, preventing and decreasing hair loss.

Nuts and dried fruit

Dried fruit in general has a high content of omega 3 fatty acids. Nuts also have a high source of vitamin B and folic acid, substances that are useful for oxygenating the blood of hair follicles. They also contain copper, a substance that helps maintain the hair's natural color.


The seeds are a real cure-all for our hair! Those to include in our diet to strengthen our hair are sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and millet. In fact, we are talking about basic ingredients with which almost all ad hoc supplements against hair loss are formulated

Vegetables and fruit

In parsley, carrots and spinach, berries, tomatoes and fruits with yellow or orange peel, there is a high content of vitamin E. When the levels of this vitamin are low, we observe hair loss, growth retardation, the appearance of white hair and various types of immune deficiencies.


Pleasant on the palate, avocado is a food particularly indicated when it comes to strengthening hair. Rich in vitamins A, E and group B, it contains good proteins and fats, such as omega 3. It is rich in antioxidants, substances useful for counteracting free radicals and therefore aging.


Spinach, like all dark green vegetables, have a high intake of vitamins, calcium, zinc and iron, substances that help stimulate the production of sebum, making hair softer and stronger. The vitamin C contained in spinach, then, has an antioxidant action and is essential for the health of our hair


Hair that breaks and weakens could be a symptom of a lack of zinc, a fundamental mineral that contributes to good hair health as well as being good for the body. Oysters are one of the foods with the highest zinc content.

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