How to grow zucchini

How to grow zucchini

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How to grow zucchiniin the garden or in the vase. Yes, because the cultivation of this vegetable is also possible in pots! Tips for getting a good harvest and how to manage the spaces in the garden well.

In this guide we will show you how to grow zucchini in the garden or in pots. There cultivation of zucchiniit is a practice that does not require particular cultural knowledge, it is enough to know some basic notions.

Zucchini is a plant that produces many fruits: two or three zucchini plants are enough to give a harvest sufficient to satisfy a family of three or four. Zucchini produce as long as the climate permits, so those who live in southern Italy will harvest from the same plant for longer!

Zucchini should never be missing in our diet: they are healthy, dietary and lend themselves to many preparations in the kitchen. But let's see in detail how to grow zucchini, following our instructions.

How to sow zucchini in pots or in the vegetable garden

We can sow both indoors and outdoors, paying attention to the danger of frost: the best time it is mid-spring when there are no more frosts unless you have a heated seedbed.

For the sowing jars or multiple trays are very suitable, which we will place in a covered area of ​​the garden or balcony: alternatively we can opt for a small DIY greenhouse covered with an oilcloth or a glass or plexiglas panel.

Place 2/3 seeds per pot at a depth of 2 cm (2.5 cm for sowing in the ground) using a good universal soil suitable for sowing: for sowing in open ground it is good to keep a distance between the piles of at least 80 cm, given that adult plants are rather bulky, even at the root level.

How to plant zucchini

As soon as the seedlings have placed at least 4 leaves and reached a height of 10 - 15 cm, you can proceed with the transplant in the open ground: the period coincides with the beginning of summer.

How to grow zucchini?

Arrange the seedlings at a distance of at least 80 cm from each other to ensure enough living space for the stem and roots.

  • Fertilize the soil before planting the plants and after transplanting, proceed with mulching to maintain humidity and prevent the growth of weeds: mulching made of sticks, straw, hay, chopped leaves is preferable
  • Water with plenty of water daily, always at cool times, early in the morning or at sunset, taking care to avoid water stagnation

Generally the courgettes will be ready to be harvested already after 40-60 days from sowing, depending on the variety chosen. It is good to collect them daily to encourage the growth of new fruits.

How to grow zucchini in pots

Zucchini are very demanding plants in terms of space. To grow zucchini in potsyou have to use deep containers. You can set up a raised vegetable garden or a chest, a planter or a large vase.

Size is what matters! The size of the pot must allow the plant to develop both underground and in its large aerial portion. It is important that it is a container that is wide and at least 30 - 40 cm deep, the dimensions increase to 50 cm for the most demanding climbing varieties.

Cultivation in pots must be more careful: irrigation must be daily. When the soil is irrigated, however, the water also makes the soluble nutrients flow away (which come out of the drainage hole together with the excess water, or evaporate), which is why in the planting soil I recommend you add some pelleted manure and, when you notice the first flowers on the plants, add another fertilizer.

Grow zucchini vertically

If you have a railing or a perimeter fence in the vegetable garden, you can take advantage of it by growing climbing plants. In addition to the classic climbing pea, it is possible grow zucchini verticallytaking advantage of the due varieties.

The climbing courgettesees the same sowing period seen previously (from March to April). So it is grown like other zucchini, but leaning against pergolas or nets… The reason? Propagation inverticalrequires supports that are at least 150-180 cm high.

Climbing zucchini seeds can be found at agricultural consortia and garden centers. The only substantial difference to be able to grow zucchini verticallylies in the need for stakes: irrigation, fertilizer and distance between the plants do not change.

When to harvest zucchini?

To prevent zucchini from developing seeds, it is always good to inquire about the variety chosen: some varieties see a greater development than others. As for itclimbing zucchini, it is better to collect the fruit when it is about 20-30 cm long.

When the courgette is small, tender and just developed, it can also be eaten raw! Yes, it is possible to eat raw courgettes cut into julienne strips and added to classic vegetable salads.

The advantage of the cultivation of zucchini, in pots, in the garden or vertically, lies in the ripening of the fruit which occurs gradually throughout the summer. This means that you will have the opportunity to consume zucchini for long periods, always using a fresh and just harvested product!

Don't forget the flowers: even the flowers are edible! Excellent to do in batter, to mince and add to the classic pasta and courgette or to enrich splendid omelettes with cheeses.

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