How to grow chives

How to grow chives

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How to grow chives:all the instructions for growing thechivesin pots or in the garden. Properties of chives and advice on how to use it in the kitchen.

In the garden or on the balcony, among your flavors, do not miss thechives,perfect for flavoring any course! When it comes to the chive plant, its purple flowers should not be underestimated, which have a strong aesthetic value and can embellish lawns, flower beds or flowered balconies. Also not to be underestimatedpropertyascribed to this plant.

Chives: plant

L'chivesit's a easy to grow aromatic plant, it is a perennial herbaceous herbaceous, that is, with many small thin and elongated bulbs it can develop leaves and flowers. For its slender leaves, someone calls itchives: the substance does not change!

The name of the species isAllium schoenoprasum. This plant reaches a height varying from 15 to 50 cm from the ground. In cooking, in recipes, the leaves are consumed.

The leaves of this plant are of the radical type in spiral arrangement. They have an elongated, very narrow and thin shape. The leaves are needle-like, hollow (in botany it is called fistulous) and form a straight tuft.

The diameter of the leaves ofchivesranges from 2 to 4 mm. How to harvest the chives? Just cut off the leaves at the base, without removing them. If the leaves are cut off at the base, they quickly reform giving way to new vegetation.

How to grow chives

As stated, thechivesit is very easy tocultivate: has no particular soil requirements and grows well in any type of soil. It prefers a sunny exposure and loves fertile soils, but it grows in all types of soil.

Being a perennial plant, thechivesit starts to vegetate again after winter, from early spring to October: this is the period in which it is possible collect the leaves to use fresh in the kitchen or to dry. The harvest of chives can continue until late autumn.

The only onescarenecessary for the cultivation of chives are the classic ones: irrigation and weeding. L'chivesit does not need to be fertilized!

To allow for optimal growth, keep the soil moderately moist, clean the beds of weeds and not fertilize them.

For garden cultivation, it is recommended to plant 3 - 4 tufts at a distance of 30 - 40 cm from each other. The right time to transplant and start growing thechives falls in spring.

Who intends grow chives in pots, it will do well to organize the cultivation in large boxes filled with fresh and fertile soil, the boxes must be positioned in a sunny or semi-sunny position.

Chives: recipes

From late spring until late autumn, you can harvest chives. The leaves, collected in this way, are ready to flavor any dish, from meat-based dishes to fish-based dishes. It is a very versatile aromatic herb.

To harvest the fresh leaves, use a pair of scissors and cut them off just above the ground level.

How is chives used in cooking?

The recipes who see the use of this herb are many. Chopped chives are very appreciated when added to mixed salads, boiled potatoes, eggs, soups…. but also risotto and to garnish fish dishes.

Looking for onerecipethat it can enhance the flavor of chives and that it is easy at the same time? Ok! Here's what you need:

  • Bread from the day before
  • Extra virgin olive oil with a strong taste
  • Emmental type cheese or other sweet cheese

Take the loaf of bread and practice a checkerboard engraving on it. If it is round and large, make an incision typical of the game of tic-tac-toe with two horizontal and two vertical lines that intersect, leaving equivalent spaces.

Widen the incisions and add the cheese and chopped chives. Add a drizzle of oil and more chives. Bake the bread in the oven by pre-heating it to 120 ° C for 10 minutes, just enough time to let the cheese melt and… You've got a stage course and very tasty too!

Omelette with chives

Another onerecipe with chives, very easy to get, is his omelette. First of all, know that even the classic fried egg can be enriched with mincedfresh chives.

If you prefer omelette, continue with these ingredients:

  • A half of chives
  • 2 eggs
  • Grated cheese (like Parmesan or Grana)
  • salt
  • pepper
  • Extra virgin olive oil

In a pan, heat a little oil and brown the chopped chives. The chives should not darken, only slightly soften.

Aside, beat the egg, add the cheese, salt and pepper.

Pour the beaten egg into the pan. Cook over medium heat by covering the pan with a lid. After 4 minutes, turn the omelette over and finish cooking on the opposite side.

Chives: properties

Chives containallyl sulphide, a thioether famous for the characteristic aroma of the genusAllium.This thioether is present in thechives, in the shallot, leek, onion and garlic. Not just aroma: the natural oxidation derivatives of allyl sulphide are excellent allies against flu and other seasonal ailments. They counteract pharyngitis, fever, sore throat, otitis and other colds. Taken with food, allyl sulphide stimulates diuresis.

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