How to clean the fish

How to clean the fish

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We explain to youhow to clean fish: how to fillet it, eviscerate it and how to remove scales and bones. Practical advice and ad hoc instructions for the different fish species (flat fish, turbot, blue fish, trout…).

How to clean the fish

Cleaning the fish is not difficult. If thefishit should be grilled, on the grill or on the barbecue, then it should not be scaled. There are many preparations, however, which involve the elimination of scales. On this page we will see com:

  • fillet the raw fish
  • remove the bones from raw fish
  • scale the fish
  • gutting the fish
  • clean the fish

Forclean the fishyou need scissors, tweezers to remove the bones, a flexible knife and a suitable tool for scaling (or an old peeler!).

First of all thefishit must be washed and eviscerated. To eviscerate the fish, use scissors: cut the belly of the fish from the caudal area (from the tail) towards the head. Make a clean cut with scissors, following the belly lengthwise. Using the cut, with your fingers, remove the viscera and wash the now vacant ventral cavities under running water. Once the entrails are cleared you can continue toclean the fisheliminating the dorsal fin and any ventral and lateral fins (if they are too protruding).

Please note, to clean certain fish it is necessary to remove the head with a sturdy knife.

How to fillet fish

To fillet the fish you need a thin, flexible blade knife. If the fish scaling tool can be replaced with a simple dated peeler, thefillet knifeit is indispensable in the kitchen. Without it, you risk wasting a lot of meat leaving it sticking to the spine.

A fish fillet knife with an excellent quality / price ratio can be bought on Amazon at a price of € 7.89 with free shipping. For all information, I invite you to visit “this Amazon page“. I tried the knife myself and I must say that for the purchase price it returns a yield and a quality of the blade equal to many much more expensive and noble filleting knives. How to fillet the fish?

  1. Lift the fin near the head, cut under the fin keeping the blade in the direction of the head.
  2. From the same spot, make a longitudinal cut from the head down to the anal fin.
  3. Carve following the animal's vertebral column in contact with the blade of the knife.
  4. Do the same on the other side.

How to fillet round fish

For round fish such as hake or trout, the rules just explained do not apply. To fillet round fish you can follow the instructions seen in the article on how to fillet carp.

How to scale fish

To get rid of the scales, grab the fish by the tail. To prevent it from being "elusive", grip it using a sheet of kitchen paper. To remove the scales, use a special tool or a potato peeler with a bow (a little dated). The movement should be performed from tail to head.

How to bone raw fish

If you intend to remove the bones from the raw fish, you will have to fillet it first and then ... arm yourself with a lot of patience and pliers. There are special kitchen forceps but if you have surgical forceps at home, you can use that too. Look carefully at the fillet, locate the bones and extract them one by one. Only in this way can you remove the bones from raw fish.

To bone raw fish, help yourself with the sense of touch: pass your fingertips in the area of ​​the gills, this is where the greatest number of bones are concentrated. Once identified, extract them one by one with the pliers.

In the photo above, a tongs for boning raw fish are shown. A set of two can be bought on Amazon at a price of 11.99 euros with free shipping. For more info you can consult the page "Stainless steel tweezers".

How to clean fish

You want to know how to clean cod? The guide on how to clean the nose pad is perfect. The hake it is nicknamed the “European cod” due to its resemblance to the classic cod. For more information on how to clean specific fish, I refer you to the guides:

  • How to clean flatfish
  • How to clean blue fish
  • How to clean trout
  • How to clean mullet
  • How to clean blue fish

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