Electric tractor, towards the future

Electric tractor, towards the future

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The electric tractor it seems like a game for kids, or for children, but it has been a reality for some years. Although it is slow to spread, due to factors that we will see, we are already starting to think about what impact the use of the electric tractor will have in the sector, both from the point of view of manufacturers and dealers, and from the point of view of those who then owe them use, “in the field”.

Electric tractor at TAO 2018

Inevitable, therefore, to the Tractor Agricultural Observatory, address this issue trying to look at the advantages rather than the limits, and at possible solutions for the latter. The tenth edition of the Tractor Agricultural Observatory, for those loyal to the event, TAO, was organized last May at VeronaFiere, 2018 edition.

The future of the electric tractor taking into account that it was not 100% new since a manufacturer like Agco had already moved into the electric and presented the e100 Vario tractor, winner of silver at the Innovation Awards at Agritechnica 2017.

If history sometimes, often, teaches, then the electric tractor is the future. I say this because so far agricultural mechanization has followed in the footsteps of evolution that left the automotive sector and it seems that this will happen again this time. Not bad, if the footsteps have a low environmental impact and for what little we see today, it seems that the tradition is confirmed

Even the well-known Fendt, in fact, already before the TAO 2018, launched one of its first machines on the market. There is a lot to do, from a technical point of view, of course, from a market point of view, for the pieces to become accessible to the many and not just to a few, but it is important that a cultural change. It does not mean studying how electric tractors work, everyone has their own field of action, but it means placing oneself in the order of ideas that an electric vehicle can be a alternative to Diesel or other types of tractors.

So far we are not very used to considering the green alternative, assuming that it is disadvantageous and less perforating. In auto sector Fortunately, the fact that there are economic advantages, in many cases, this electric green way is starting to like and spread, it is to be hoped that the tractors will continue in their wake. To date, according to Mr Google, those who seek electric tractor they are not numerous and most look for those for children: toys.

Electric tractor: limits

There are actually "technical" issues that hinder the spread of electric tractors, it's not just a mental issue of inertia towards change. The most limiting factors are the high cost of batteries, their rapid deterioration and their short life. Today, batteries are still one of the most expensive parts of the electric vehicles and, even if the price has dropped a lot, from 2010 onwards, there is still a lot of work to do to ensure that the electric tractor has a affordable price.

It has also been seen that the battery charge, which on average should last 100 thousand km, decreases from the first day of life. It is true that the electric tractor must not be suitable for traveling many kilometers but it is not good for this to happen. Limited autonomy is a big flaw, for the machines but also for the electric tractors which, if not resolved, condemns them to be a "niche" vehicle.

Electric tractor: advantages

The first, indisputable advantage is that of saving in economic terms. It is also what we want to leverage with regard to users. An important advantage but that a marketing level pay less, it is the low environmental impact of these electric vehicles, compared with that of the vehicles that most of us use today, whether they are machines or tractors.

Despite the limitations, al TAO 2018 it seems that the path of the electric tractor is viable and that it will lead us towards a more sustainable future, also because in December 2015, 195 states signed the Paris Agreement on climate to end the sale of diesel and petrol cars. It will not be tractors that will resolve the issue and allow Italy, like other countries, to respect the "pact", but for the agricultural sector it would be an important step and a good victory over others, sometimes more reluctant to change and turn in a green way.

Electric tractor for children

Let's re-dimension the reasoning and try to put ourselves in the shoes of a child who, unaware of everything written above, wants his game, a electric tractor who, who knows, maybe I'll turn him into an agronomist with driving license for tractor or in one of those 4.0 cultivators that I admire so much. And I envy a little for the greenery they are surrounded by. Let's see that electric tractors can be purchased, among those on the market we find the very popular one of Peg Perego equipped with a bucket with two movements and knobby wheels to go anywhere, as well as two 165W motors. It is a 280 euro toy suitable for children aged 3 and over.

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