How to light a wood oven

How to light a wood oven

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How to light a wood oven:advice on how to light a wood-burning oven, instructions for use and tips for maintaining the temperature.

If you bought anew wood oven, it is questionable how to make it work, if they exist instructions for usespecifics on how to activate the flame to cook pizza, bread and focaccia. In this article I will explain to youlike lighting a wood ovenfollowing simple precautions for use.

How to light a fire in a new wood-burning oven

Granted that there is norunning in and the only precaution you must take in the case of a new wood-fired oven, never used, is to read the manufacturer's instructions and make sure that the combustion chamber is free of processing or packaging residues. Done this, for light the fire in your new wood stove brand, you will not have to do anything other than subsequent uses.

Whether it's a wood-fired garden oven, awood oven for pizzas,a portable wood-burning oven or made of refractory material, the instructions for starting the flame and maintaining the temperature do not change.

Wood for use in the oven

It is true that the fumes released are sucked up by the chimney or by the special ventilation system, however for thecooking in a wood ovenyou must use only real wood, of which you know the origin.

If you don't know where the wood comes from, you could unintentionally introduce polluting material that would come into direct contact with your food upon combustion.

No pellet wood, sleeper wood, worked, painted or impregnated wood. Use only natural wood… forlight the fire in the wood ovenyou will also have to do without devils or newspaper. So how to do it? With our instructions!

How to light a wood oven

To start thefireyou will have to use very seasoned and thin woods, if you know a carpentry in the area, ask the workers for untreated wood scraps.

Alternatively, arrange with untreated wooden sticks, to be kept in a dry and warm place. It is not difficult to find them on the market in the winter months, however if you want cooking a pizza in a wood oven in the height of summer, you can take advantage of the web sale where a 7 kg crate of seasoned beech wood in strips (natural and certified wood, suitable for the wood oven) is easily found and is shipped within 24 hours, the only contraindication is the price is around 16 euros. For all the information, I refer you to the official Amazon page dedicated to "natural beech strips".

If you have the patience to break the wood yourself, you can buy larger strips at a lower price: 30 kg of beech firewood, per oven, can be bought on Amazon for 18.50 euros. But these planks are too big to start the fire, so you will have to cut them with an ax, it will not be difficult because being very dry wood, it is also tender to cut with a small wood splitter. For all the information on the "economically most convenient" wooden slats, I invite you to visit "this Amazon page".

If you live in the open country, you can start the fire with properly prepared dry fagots. In conjunction, you can harvest and use dry (untreated) grass, pine needles, and other well-dried natural products.

Once you have obtained the strips or bundles of dry wood, what to do?

Thefirejust lights up on the mouth of the oven, the reason? Enough oxygen enters this area to fuel the flame. Once the smaller strips (or dried bundles) have been lit, add thicker sticks to form the first embers.

This first step is crucial because it gives you the guarantee that even further on, the fire will not go out! Do it carefully.

Once well started, the fire must be moved inside and you will have to continue feeding it with very dry firewood.

Dry firewood heats very quickly forming a nice embers bed. In the first part of ignition of the wood oventhe door to remain open.

If thewood ovenit's very big, like awood-fired pizza oven, you will then have to wait about 2 - 3 hours for the entire cooking chamber to heat up.

When to know if the oven is hot? If you do not have a thermometer, you can observe the walls of the oven: the vault of the oven in refractory material begins to change color when temperatures exceed 300 ° C. When the walls whiten, leave the embers active on the bottom of the oven and start cooking your pizza or focaccia.

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