How to clean a trout

How to clean a trout

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How to clean a trout: instructions for cleaning and filleting a cooked or raw trout, cooking tips and differences with salmon trout.

Trout is among the most common edible freshwater fish, when one comes homefreshly caught fresh trout, it is legitimate to ask:but how do you clean it?On this page I will explain how to clean and fillet a trout caught or cooked trout, according to your needs of the moment.

How to clean a salmon trout

Theretroutit is a fish with an elongated body, covered with small scales and with a conical head, characterized by a large mouth. The body of thetroutit is identical even though meat and skin may have different colors depending on the environment in which the fish lives.

The so-calledsea ​​troutit has a more silvery livery with a few dark spots in the shape of an "X". Sea trout is very similar to salmon. Theretrout caught in lakes or riversit has a more lively livery, usually the color goes from brown to olive-green and has numerous colored spots (black, purple, orange, red or even with very showy golden or yellow shades!).

Theresalmon trout, therefore, it is not a separate subspecies, it is simply onetroutwhose color of the meat recalls that of salmon. The reason? Its power supply: thesalmon troutfollows a diet rich in carotenoids ... for this reason thesalmon troutmost often derives frombreedingwhere carotenoid-based foods are administered precisely to obtain that color of the meat.

For what has been said, onesalmon trout cleans itselfjust like you would do with a less rosy trout!

How to clean a trout

First, the intestines of the animal must be removed.

  • With scissors, make a cut on the belly and go straight from the anal fin to under the head. With your hands, pick up and pull out the entrails.
  • Wash the inside of the fish well under running water to remove any blood residue.

At this point, yourstrout cleanedis ready for cooking. Therewhole troutit is cooked well in the oven, grilled or on the grill and can then be filleted once cooked. For other preparations you can fillet the raw trout.

How to fillet trout

For fillet the fish, as always, I recommend the use of a special knife with a thin and flexible blade. If you do not have one, "on this Amazon page" you can buy it at a price of 7.89 euros, it is a very cheap knife but, from direct experience, I can tell you that it is excellent and better than many more expensive and more famous ones. If you have never filleted a fish, I do not recommend buying famous chef's knives as they have a stiffer and thicker blade which, without due experience, will make you waste a lot of meat that will remain attached to the bone.

Please note:ideasGreen.ithas no connection with the manufacturer of the reported knife, so feel free to choose the product you prefer!

If you use any stiff knife, you will work harder and waste a lot of meat ... if you really don't want to buy it, use a non-serrated, pointed, well sharpened knife with a thin and long blade.

  1. To make your fillets, place thetrouton the cutting board and start cutting the head to detach the meat. You don't have to detach the head just to make a clean cut up to the animal's spine.
  2. Then cut along the spine starting to obtain your first fillet. The knife will have to "follow" without scraping the bones by moving the blade horizontally with respect to your cutting board.
  3. Separate the two halves of the fish, flip the trout and get the second fillet from the opposite side.
  4. With kitchen tongs, remove any bones left in your fillet.
  5. With the thin and flexible knife, it will become easier to get rid of the trout skin. The skin must be removed starting from the tail.

How to clean a cooked trout

To clean acooked fishyou will have to insert a knife (always with a flat blade) along the central part of the fish and then, with extreme delicacy, remove the pulp from the bones.

This operation is simpler but not without pitfalls: cooked fish breaks very easily, even if thetrouthas compact meats, remember to be very careful. Once the upper fillet has been obtained, it will be easier for the lower one because from the head, all you have to do is lift the spine with the bones. Again, you will need to help yourself with kitchen tongs to remove the bones from the fish.

How to clean the fish

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