Predictive medicine: meaning

Predictive medicine: meaning

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Predictive Medicine, not that of wizards and sorcerers who can even nowadays try to deceive us by convincing us that we have who knows what disease according to their assessments that have little to do with medicine. The term "predictive" should not fool us because the predictive medicine is medicine, serious, and it can become more and more important in the present and in the future of our healthcare system. By ours, I mean not only Italian but worldwide, because it is in this perspective that I want to think.

Predictive medicine: meaning

This term is intended to indicate themedical approach that is before but also after the birth of the individual, aims to investigate and evaluate the various factors that can favor the onset of a certain disease. It is a process to be carried out with a view to probability and one must always consider a certain person in a certain context without ever extending to different situations or subjects other than the one from which one started.

Predictive medicine: definition

By definition, predictive medicine is the branch of medicine that deals with early diagnosis of hereditary diseases, making use of modern techniques of genetic engineering.

Predictive and personalized medicine

When we talk about predictive, we often associate the term personalized to emphasize that, in addition to being a probabilistic practice, and also "tailor-made”, That is, it must fit perfectly for each of us. You can't do an evaluation and then "recycle" it for another patient, no.

Unlike many other types, this is aimed primarily not at those who are sick but at those who are healthy, precisely because its specificity is to predict and not to take note. In particular there focuses on healthy individuals who think they may be predisposed to developing a certain disease. With predictive medicine, targeted and personalized interventions are defined in order to determine the risk profile of each individual patient, then monitoring the evolution of his health.

On the one hand they go to identify adequate interventions, of a preventive nature, such as removal or transfer of subjects living in contexts that can be a detrimental factor for their health, even from a strictly environmental point of view. On the other hand, you choose the therapy, the dose and the time better treatment with which then to provide in the event that the pathology that was "feared" occurs. Many of these practices are part of the project Manufacturing 4.0 which also deals withPrecision medicine

Genetic predictive medicine

Predictive medicine relies heavily on new knowledge about Human Genome that we have in hand today and from which we can draw useful information. From the genetic constitution of an individual it is now possible, and will increasingly be, to make one risk estimation that the latter may develop a certain pathology in the following years.

With this project, human genome, we have come into possession of a genetic sequence of three billion base pairs shared 99.9% by all individuals. By studying today the genetic component of susceptibility to complex diseases it is possible to make a better picture of the personal situation of a patient, combining what emerges with environmental and in any case external factors.

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