Swollen tonsils, remedies

Swollen tonsils, remedies

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Swollen tonsils, remedies and symptoms of tonsillitis. Many tips on the treatment of inflamed tonsils and swollen, with or without fever.

The tonsils they are lymphoglandular aggregates present in the posterior part of the oral cavity.

Swollen tonsils, causes

Before seeing the causes of swollen tonsilslet's explain immediately what they are for. The tonsils perform a protective function: they protect us from the ingestion of foreign bodies and microorganisms. Infection occurs when germs and pathogens are not neutralized by our immune system and thus inflammation occurs with consequent symptoms: swelling, redness, burning, discomfort ...

Theswollen tonsils and reddened indicate the presence of ongoing inflammation. The viruses they causetonsillitisoften they are the same ones that cause the flu, which is why often theswollen tonsilsare accompanied bytemperatureor plaques in the throat.

In the case of swollen tonsils and diarrhea, the responsible virus could be adenovirus. Rhinoviruses can cause swollen tonsils linked to other flu symptoms. The flu and parainfluenza viruses can cause swollen tonsils with fever.

Bacterial infections can also cause swollen tonsils, in this case, swollen tonsils are generally associated with a high fever.

Tonsillitis, symptoms

The first symptom of tonsillitis is swelling which can be related to certain symptoms such as: pain when swallowing, red and visibly inflamed tonsils, burning, itching and localized discomfort. Often, theswollen tonsilsthey are flanked by the presence ofplaques.

In case of tonsillitis of bacterial origin (streptococci and staphylococci) the symptoms are:

  • Localized pain
  • Pain in the lymph nodes in the neck
  • High fever

If in the case of a viral infection there may be nasal congestion, this symptom is not present in the case ofswollen tonsilscaused by bacteria. For diagnosis, a simple swab is required.

Swollen tonsils with plaques

The plaques in the throat they are another clear symptom of ongoing inflammation in the oropharyngeal tract. They can accompany tonsillitis and cause otherssymptomssuch as cough, halitosis, hoarseness, ear pain, sialorrhea ... In some cases, in the presence ofplaques in the throat with swollen tonsils is associated with a condition known astonsil stones or tonsilloliths.In case of inflammation in progress for several days, with swollen tonsils and plaques in the throat that do not show signs of improvement, it is recommended to perform a tonsillar swab for a precise diagnosis.

Swollen tonsils, remedies

THE remedies they aim to cure the origin of the inflammation. In many cases (especially with swollen tonsils with bacterial fever) the general practitioner may prescribe antibiotic treatment. Generally, treatments for the treatment of tonsillitis without fever or with low fever, involve the use of sprays or over-the-counter drugs. Only in extreme cases do we proceed with the removal of swollen tonsils.

Swollen tonsils, natural remedies

To counteract an early tonsillitis, it is possible to use natural and other antibioticsgrandmother's remedies.

The classic grandmother's remedies involve the use of hot drinks such as tea, herbal teas, infusions and dishes such as broth and soups.

Betweennatural remedies for swollen tonsilsthere are gargles with warm water and lemon juice.

Very useful can be anatural remedyprepared with ginger root (fresh or dried) infused in hot water, with lemon zest (or lemon essential oil) and a tablespoon of honey. Only when the drink has cooled can you add the lemon juice and consume it.

Keep the environment humid especially during the night. Avoid smoking or using substances that can pollute the home environment (detergents, room fragrances, detergents ...).

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