Nutrition for healthy hair

Nutrition for healthy hair

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Nutrition for healthy hair and bright:what to eatto improve hair growth, eliminate dandruff and prevent hair loss and gray hair.

The effective diet against hair loss and more: the list of foods that nourish, moisturize, strengthen the hair, help prevent hair loss, whitening and dandruff. How to make hair grow fasterwith the right foods.

Nutrition for healthy hair

Not everyone knows that among the causes of hair loss figure an unbalanced diet that can also be complicit indandruff problems, brittle and dull hair. So, if you are looking for a natural remedy for strengthen hair, hydrate them and counteract their fall, you could start by adjusting the shot of your diet.

Hair is made up of proteins, very long amino acid chains. It follows that your diet cannot lack proteins as well as other essential micronutrents such as biotin, zinc, calcium, iron and a large number of vitamins. On this page we list the foods to be introduced in diet to strengthen hair naturally.

Foods for healthy hair

Sunflower seeds
They are rich in copper, zinc, magnesium, calcium, iron, biotin, proteins, omega-6 fatty acids ... useful for those who wanthealthy hair, they are also effective in preventing hair loss.

Zinc can also be a good ally for those with dull hair problems,fat hairisdandruff in the hair. A zinc supplement in the diet can lower sebum production, which is useful for those who haveoily dandruff, zinc is also found in legumes, hazelnuts, red meat, oats and wheat.

They contain a wide range of proteins, vitamins, minerals and "good fats ", an excellent blend to combat hair loss.

Among the properties of eggs are vitamins, proteins and biotin, which are excellent elements for combating hair loss and having healthy hair.

They are a good source of vitamins and minerals, promote hair growth and are therefore recommended for those who want to grow hair quickly.

The nutritional properties of the carrot are not effective against hair loss but they are particularly suitable for those with dry and brittle hair: carrots are an excellent food for those who want to moisturize their hair in order to ensure healthy growth. They make the hair healthier and stronger, in addition, carrot seeds can be useful in improving hair growth and also in contrasting hair loss.

Carrot essential oil, for external use (making compresses where you dilute carrot essential oil in vegetable oil such as almond oil, jojoba oil, olive oil ...) can also be excellent for making hair more shiny (precisely because hydrates them) and to regulate the production of sebaceous secretion. The right product for both those who havedry hairand wear out thatfat hairand / or filled with dandruff. For every information:carrot essential oil.

Sweet potato
Regular consumption of sweet potatoes is one wayremovethe problem ofhair loss. Sweet potatoes promote the production of vitamin A, which is essential for ensuring the maintenance and growth of healthy tissues.

Oats can be considered a good natural remedy for hair loss. Contains micronutrients such as copper, zinc, potassium and B vitamins. In addition, oats provide amino acids useful for the life of ourhair. Oats play a dual role, on the one hand they helpprevent hair lossand on the other, it counteracts it by promoting good growth.

Brewer's yeast
B vitamins are a real godsend for our body, including hair. B vitamins are important cofactors in many physiological mechanisms that can guarantee the health and well-being of our hair. What does brewer's yeast have to do with it? Brewer's yeast-based supplements are an excellent supply of B vitamins. If you don't like the idea of ​​taking a hair supplement, try reading our guideHow to take folic acid, there is a recipe where you can fill up with B vitamins!

Hair supplements

Thehair supplementsthey can be very useful but only in the initial phase: it is important to guarantee our body a very varied diet so as to provide the full range of micronutrients necessary not only for the hair! For this reason, if you choose to take agood hair supplement, do it in the short term: maximum one month, to give an initial boost in yours"inside care" treatmenthair.

Ofhair supplementsthere are so many. The ingredients show that a good hair supplement is the product "Biotin Vegavero ". It provides Biotin and zinc and can be bought on Amazon at a price of 15.90 euros (with free shipping costs) for a bottle of 180 tablets.

For all the information I refer you to the Amazon page “Biotina Vegavero“.

Those who prefer a more "publicized" home can opt for the "Swisse hair, skin and nails" supplement. The price of the Swisse varies from pharmacy to pharmacy, generally ranging around 20 euros for the pack of 60 tablets.

Remember, supplements can be a valuable aid, but, in the long term, a varied diet "satisfies the hunger for micronutrients more " of your body.

How to take care of your hair naturally

Not just nutrition, natural hair care can take place with treatments and packs based on plant extracts or oils. To learn more about this topic, we refer you to the article How to take care of hair naturally.

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