How to cook without salt

How to cook without salt

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How to cook without salt:instructions to reduce the consumption of salt in the kitchen. How to replace salt in your diet and why this ingredient is bad for your health.

After explaining to you how to cook without oil, today I will explain how we can reduce the consumption of salt in the diet daily. First let's see, why is salt bad for you?

Because salt is bad for your health

There are many studies that testify as onelow-salt dietcan help health through independent mechanisms to reduce blood pressure.

Initially, in fact, it was believed that the damage caused to health by salt was exclusively related to the increase in blood pressure. According to the researchers, a low-salt diet would lead to reduced levels of inflammation in the body.

Health authorities have shown that a excessive consumption of salt it is related to the increased risk of renal failure, arterial hypertension, osteoporosis, cardiovascular pathologies and inflammatory processes. The inflammatory processes are related, in turn, to degenerative diseases of various kinds such as the tumors themselves.

How much salt to consume per day in grams

It is estimated that every Italian consumes an average of 3.5 - 4 kg of salt annually, which means that they consume 10 to 11 g of salt per day. Health authorities see onerecommended daily doseno more than 5 - 6 g of salt, corresponding to a teaspoon of fine salt.

How to avoid salt

Cooking without salt is not an easy task: our palate is used to something"Flavor"difficult to replace. First of all, forlimit the consumption of saltyou should avoid all prepackaged products, you may not know it but often salt is also added to frozen foods and baked goods or confectionery are enriched with glutamate and other salts that are harmful to the kitchen.

Canned foods, pre-packaged baked goods and cooking cube should be strictly avoided.

If you really want to use canned foods, be sure to rinse them well before use. More thanhow to cook without salt, you should ask yourself how to avoid getting hidden salt in food. Bread, crackers, snacks, snacks, meats, cheeses…. Know that about 80% of the salt you consume every day is not related to what you add in salads or when cooking pasta, but is taken through products stored and purchased at the supermarket.

Then how to go about eliminate salt from the diet? Remember that 4 - 5 g of salt can be taken, so always try to read the label and take advantage of the maximum recommended dose to best suit your palate. Always choose fresh or self-cooked food!

How to cook without salt

As stated, for cooking without saltyou will have to eliminate all canned foods. For example, if you have decided to make pasta and chickpeas, know that 50 grams of dried chickpeas become, after rehydration, 100 grams. Why am I giving you this information? Because generally, 100 grams of canned chickpeas contain approximately 320 mg of sodium chloride ... so, unwittingly, you would go and cook a dish with salt without even adding it.

50 grams of dried chickpeas can give you a splendid salad, to be dressed only with extra virgin olive oil, garlic, chilli, oregano and lemon. In this way, the only sodium you are going to take is that naturally contained in food (about 2.8 mg of sodium).

Forcooking pasta without salt, instead, you can take advantage of the so-called "salt for hypertensive", this salt sees the replacement of part of sodium chloride with potassium chloride.

You can then try toreplace the table saltwith products such as celery salt and flavored salt.

The secret is togive flavor to food, so everyone should find the right balance according to their palate. It is true that you can replace the saltwith other spices (oregano, chilli, cumin, curry ...) but only by experimenting can the desired result be achieved. Then, what they say is true: a lot depends on personal eating habits.

You can begin to gradually reduce the use of table salt in your diet and then eliminate it almost completely only when your palate is ready. For to decrease the consumption of salt in the diet, I invite you to read my articles:

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