How to fertilize hydrangeas

How to fertilize hydrangeas

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How to fertilize hydrangeas to have more abundant blooms, change color of flowersor to give the petals a more intense color.

Fertilizer for hydrangeas

Forfertilize hydrangeasyou need a good one fertilizer for acidophilic plantsor, even better, forhydrangeas. Any fertilizer for acidophilus will support thefloweringsome hydrangeas.

If you have ahydrangea that does not bloom due to insufficient nutritional intake, you just need to administer a fertilizer for acidophilic plants or hydrangeas. The speech changes if thefertilizationsare aimed at doingchange color of hydrangea flowers.

To always have abundant blooms, thehydrangeait mainly needs two microelements,magnesium and iron.

How to change the color of hydrangea flowers

These deciduous shrubs produce abundant blooms between spring and summer. The flowers begin to wither in autumn until they leave the plant completely bare during the winter.

Thehydrangeasthey can show offflowerswith the most varied colors and more or less intense shades. We have, like this:

  • Pale pink and bright pink hydrangeas
  • Red hydrangeas
  • Lavender or purple hydrangeas
  • Blue Hydrangeas
  • White hydrangeas
  • Yellow / green hydrangeas

The care to be dedicated to the plant is simple, especially if the basic needs are respected such as: well-drained soil, soil rich in organic matter and micronutrients, shaded exposure. Indeed, the ideal exposure to Northern Italy provides for a little sun in the morning and shade in the afternoon, or, in Southern Italy, shaded exposure throughout the day.

It is possible to obtain a more or less intense color of the blooms orchange the color of hydrangea flowersby administering appropriate nutrients. How to do? It depends on the color you want to achieve.

For example, many people buy apink hydrangeaand then, a year after planting, they find themselves with ahydrangea with white flowersor even greenish.

Or, thepink hydrangeas turn blueor vice versa, based on the quality of the soil.

Thecolor of hydrangea flowersdepends on the amount ofaluminumin the soil which, in turn, depends on the pH.

Acid soils make aluminum more accessible to plants. The more acidic the soil is, the morehydrangeawill present flowersintense bluethe more the soil will be alkaline, the morehydrangeawill presentpink flowers.

So forhave hydrangeas with blue flowers intense, add to the soil ofaluminum sulfate, to be applied every month during the plant's vegetation period, therefore from spring to early autumn. The aluminum sulfate will serve to support the color of the flowers but not the growth of the plant.

Aluminum sulphate can be found at the most well-stocked garden centers or by taking advantage of online purchases. On Amazon, for example, a 1 kg pack of water-soluble powder can be bought at a price of 13.83 euros with free shipping.

For all the info, I refer you to the Amazon page: aluminum sulphate.

How much fertilizer to use? Dilute a tablespoon of powder in about 3.5 liters of distilled water. For the irrigation of blue hydrangea, in fact, tap water should be avoided as it tends to raise the pH of the soil and fade the colors of the flowers.

How to fertilize blue hydrangeas

For the fertilization ordinary of blue hydrangeas, choose fertilizers with low phosphorus and high potassium content, enriched with magnesium and iron, in order to obtain more abundant blooms.

Hydrangeas with pink flowers

To havehydrangeas with pink flowers, you need to increase the pH of the soil but not excessively, so the pH should be around 6.2. To find out how to check the pH of the soil, I refer you to the guideHow to measure the pH of the soil.

For thepink hydrangeas, you can use fertilizers with a high phosphorus content, you can choose a fertilizer 25-10-10 NPK,nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

Purple hydrangeas

For purple hydrangeas there are specific formulations, able to guarantee healthy, luxuriant growth and flowers with an intense color…. but in reality, the same rules apply as for the blue hydrangea.

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