Vegetable dog snacks

Vegetable dog snacks

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Snacks for dogs, not necessarily a vice, indeed, they are often a useful tool to educate the dog and train it. To establish a relationship of trust and a close bond that is not just "I command, you obey". When we use dog snacks as prizes, we motivate and at the same time also understand that being polite, learning to follow orders or not to do certain "forbidden" things can be a "tasty" game.

For training, the snacks for dogs I would dare to say indispensable, they are comfortable even now as a format because they do not dirty and can be used outside the home without having to carry a training backpack.
Vegetable dog snacks

Among the many other types of snacks, there are also those that contain only vegetable proteins. It is necessary to be very careful when choosing, because it is a delicate matter, since dogs have always eaten meat. There are vegetable dog snacksof good quality but the best thing is to alternate them with others based on meat too do not force the body too much of our friend.

It is necessary avoid giving the dog food intended for human consumption, because your metabolism type is different from hers. If we have decided to be vegetarians or vegans, it is not so logical and automatic that our dog should also become one.

Dog snacks: the best

There are high quality dog ​​snacks. For the fact that these are snacks, let's not underestimate the consequences, it is important do not use junk food for dogs but select these tidbits so that they are not only not harmful but also healthy. For example, better choose dog snacks that also help improve the animal's dental hygiene.

The best snacks are i dry biscuits, also comfortable for us masters, because they do not dirty and do not grease, so we don't mind carrying them around, just put them in your pocket. Lot of snacks are useful for the teeth, they help eliminate plaque and tartar, they prevent the dog from having bad breath.

Among the best are the antitartar snack but also chewing bones which have another advantage. They keep him busy, a little quiet, enjoying his snack without making messes around the house. Other very "sought after" snacks are the chew strips and sticks.

Hypoallergenic dog snacks

Among the hypoallergenic snacks, those are often found based on chicken and poultry, tasty and at the same time perfect for extra sensitive dogs. The same goes for turkey too. There are the “Alpha Spirit” snacks, rich in fresh fish or a lot of meat, also excellent for those looking for 100% natural and grain-free snacks.

Snacks for dogs: intolerant

For animals that are often subject to the effects of food intolerance, better to focus on snacks based on Lamb meat, ideal ones. There are those of "Forza 10", one of the most quality brands, well known in the dog products market.

It is about digestible snacks and they are perfect intolerances towards other protein sources of animal origin. With Forza10 you can find cod morsels for intolerant, some are mono-protein and 100% pure dried cod.

Snacks for diabetic dogs

The dogs they have diabetes problems, they need snacks on purpose, for example some brands of high quality chewing sticks, sugar-free and free from artificial colors, preservatives and appetizers. And instead they are rich in valuable vitamins.

Grain-free dog snacks

Grain-free dog snacks, there are not many, some are made with dried twisted cowhide or pressed meat and are also used for cleaning the teeth, as well as for strengthen the jaw musculature. Always grain-free there are dried meat, fish or pork snacks and horse meat snacks. One of the brands indicated is "Orijen". His snacks are manufactured in Canada, freeze-dried with 100% fresh meat and absolutely without cereals and additives.

On Amazon if we want to try to make the mouth water our dogs with grain-free snacks, we can buy some twisting sticks perfect even in case of allergies and intolerances. 100 pieces cost 23 euros.

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