Thallium: symbol and where it is found

Thallium: symbol and where it is found

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The Thallium for some it is a box in the periodic table of the elements, for others it is the sulphide or sulfate of this element, there are those who study radioactivity and those who care for its consequences, when it causes intoxication or poisoning. Lately there has been a lot of talk about Thallium precisely for this last question, but it is better to understand that it is a “neutral” element, neither good nor bad.

Thallium: symbol

The symbol is Tl, this chemical element has like atomic number 81, found in the periodic table, inside the p block, is a gray and malleable metal. To try to imagine it, not being the most common, we can say that looks like pondHowever, there are quite visible differences between the two. Our thallium, for example, it darkens by oxidation when exposed to air.

We owe the discovery of this element to two chemists who, in 1861, who did not, however, work in pairs. Completely independently they discovered it in residues from sulfuric acid production. Their names are William Crookes and Claude-Auguste Lamy.

In the past this metal was even used to kill, we also find it mentioned as a "murder weapon" in the novel “A Horse for the Witch” by Agatha Christie. However, there are also cases of crime that see Thallium as the protagonist, among all, the best known is the one that bears the name Martha Marek, Austrian criminal who lived in the thirties.

Thallium sulphate

We may have heard of Tl sulphate. In fact, it is a substance that is used in situations that may sound familiar to us such as spreading poison for mice or against ants. Thallium sulphate is odorless and tasteless, there are countries that have banned it because it can actually be dangerous. This poison is not the only use of Thallium that is appreciated for electrical conductivity of its sulfide while thallium bromide and iodide crystals can be employed to produce optical parts for infrared light.

We also find Thallium in sectors such as the one involved in production of semiconductor materials or high density liquids for the separation of minerals.

Changing context, this element is sometimes referred to as the treatment of ringworm and other skin infections, it always remains to remember its high toxicity although it can fascinate its ability to glow green for metal halide lamps.

Thallium: where it is

Insecticides and fireworks they have this chemical element in their "ingredients" which we also find used in cardiological examinations. Of course it must have nothing to do with what we can then ingest, as it is harmful to the body. This seems clear to everyone but, in reality, they still feel gods cases of thallium poisoning because it is present in residues, in cereals.

Thallium poisoning symptoms

It can happen to be poisoned with thallium if you ingest it or if you inhale it. We know that it is very harmful and is therefore not a voluntary action, unfortunately it can happen.

Typical symptoms of this particular poisoning can be nausea, vomiting, tachycardia, fever, diarrhea and abdominal pain. This in a first phase which, if neglected, can lead to worsening in which other types of symptoms such as ataxia, alopecia, choreoathetosis and coma occur.

This kind of poisoning is much talked about. There are also those who argue that the CIA has planned a plan for poison Fidel Castro with thallium salts without being able to complete it.

In case of poisoning, the intended treatment is a gastrointestinal decontamination to be carried out in minimal time, using laxatives or even a gastric lavage. There are cases in which the possibility of acting with an alternative therapy that uses furosemide followed by hemodialysis is evaluated.

Radioactive thallium

It is called, in scientific jargon, 201Tl, and is used for diagnostic purposes in nuclear medicine. We find this substance widely used when a patient has to be subjected to stress tests to investigate coronary heart disease found.

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