Wifi thermostatic valves

Wifi thermostatic valves

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Wifi thermostatic valves, what are the smart thermostatic valves connected to the internet for and what are the best models on the market, from Tado to Netatmo.

With the spread of thesmart livingand a greater search for home comfort, the market has begun to offer appliances such as wi-fi thermostats (netetmo and nest are just two examples) andsmart thermostatic valves, in both cases they are devices capable of giving us complete management of the domestic temperature.

Wifi thermostat or smart thermostatic valves?

The wireless thermostat, is installed in homes equipped withautonomous heating, that is, where there is a boiler that meets the thermal needs of a single house.

Thewifi thermostatic valvesinstead, they were created for those who have acentralized warming, that is, for those who live in a condominium or a multi-storey building, where a single boiler meets the thermal needs of several family units.

On this page we will talk aboutwifi thermostatic valves, perfect appliances for those who would like anest thermostat but it has thecentralized warming….!

Who has acentralized warming, will have to connect the Netatmo smart thermostatic valves to a wifi base supplied by the same manufacturer or pre-installed in the house (relay kit). Analogous speech for theTodo wifi thermostatic valves.

Wifi thermostatic valves

The wifi thermostatic valves must be fitted to the radiators to replace the old valves present. Among the various products on the market, currently, the best are those already mentioned:

  • wifi thermostatic valves todo
  • Netatmo wifi thermostatic valves

These two products are almost equivalent, they differ in aesthetics and price.

The Netatmo kit, consisting of the wifi base, two thermostatic valves, mounting adapters, stickers and everything needed for installation, is offered on Amazon at a price of 199 euros.

For all the information and opinions of users who have already tried it, I refer you to the official Amazon page: Netatmo smart kit. The article has only been on Amazon Italy since September 2017, in fact it is a very new product. From the smartphone, it is possible to manage up to 20 wifi thermostatic heads.

The Tado kit also consists of two thermostatic heads, adapters, cables for connection to the home ruther modem ... It has no stickers or customization options. Netatmo also offers the possibility of purchasing adapters separately (at a price of 9.99 euros) in case of incompatibility between the valve and the inlet on the radiator.

The Tado kit can be bought on Amazon at a price of 212.29 euros, it has reached its third version and has already been on sale for a long time. For all information, please visit the Amazon page: Tado basic kit

In both cases, each additional thermostatic head can be bought at a price of 89 euros.

In both cases it is a modular system, so with a single App it is possible to manage all the radiators in the house as long as you have a thermostatic valve mounted on each of them.

With the app it is possible to individually manage the temperature of each individual domestic radiator. Furthermore, if more people live in the house, it is possible to synchronize thermostatic valves on multiple smartphones so that each inhabitant can better manage the home temperature as he sees fit. The thermostatic valves they know the outside temperature thanks to the data provided by the Server which monitors the average temperature of the area where the valve has been installed.

Both products are very good and easy to install: the thermostatic valves will connect to the home wifi system and it is necessary that the coverage of the home ruther arrives in every room. In the absence of the wifi signal, the thermostatic valve will not be able to do its duty?

How are smart thermostatic valves installed? Just unscrew the old thermostatic knob and mount the smart thermostatic heads and download the appropriate app on your smartphone to continue with the configuration.

We will soon publish all the instructions for installing the wifi thermostatic heads and a detailed review just like we did with the Netatmo Wifi thermostat in the articleNetatmo witi thermostat, review and installation.