Growing water lilies, useful tips

Growing water lilies, useful tips

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Tips forgrow water lilies in the garden or at home, using a special vase, an aquarium or an artificial pond.

Therecultivation of water lilies in pots, in the aquarium or in the garden pond, this is not the casecumbersomeas many imagine. Ofwater liliesin fact, there are over 50 species with thousands of varieties obtained from selection after selection nurseries.

To choose thewater lilybest suited to your needs, we tell you right away that these aquatic plants are divided into two large families:

  • Rustic water lilies
  • Tropical water lilies

Thehardy water liliesthey are very resistant and adapt better to the Italian climate.

Theretropical water lily, on the other hand, it can only be grown in the aquarium or with more attention. They cannot be grown in the garden pond because in winter, if the water drops below 10 ° C, they die.

Grow water lilies in pots, in the garden or in the aquarium

Regardless of thewater lilychoice, you must pay attention to the implant depth. Many think that thewater lilybe onefloating plantbut this does not completely correspond to reality. Only the inflorescence floats, thewater liliesthey are plants rooted at the bottom.

Don't worry, they existwater liliesable to adapt to even shallow vessels, on the contrary not allwater liliesthey can be placed in the garden pond or a deeper aquarium.

The ideal location is in full sun.

Grow water lilies in the garden

If you have a fountain or a fountain in your garden ornamental tubyou cangrow water liliesrustic able to withstand the cold of the Mediterranean climate.

Even if placed in apondin the garden, it always pays offgrow water lilies in pots, the vase is placed on the bottom of the pond and the rhizomes are placed in it so as to keep the water lilies in place, avoiding wind damage.

In a natural pond, which has substrate, you can let thewater liliesanchor freely. In this way the water lilies will spontaneously choose the position and depth where to root.

How deep should the pot, container or garden pond be?

Given that thejarfor thecultivation of water liliesit must not have any drainage holes, let's talk about size right away!

The diameter and depth of a grow containerwater lilymust be chosen based on the species fromto plant. There are mini water lilies (leaves and flowers smaller than 10 cm), small water lilies (leaves up to 20 cm in length), medium water lilies (leaves up to 25 cm), large water lilies (leaves up to 45 cm) andgiant water lilies with extremely large and robust leaves.

As for the depth of thejaror the garden pond, at water lilies smaller than 10 cm of water! Yep, so you can grow water lilies even in lower containers!

Medium water lilies need 20 cm of depth while for large sizes a depth of between 30 and 70 cm is required. Giant water lilies grow well with a water height of 100 cm.

Thewater liliesgrown outdoors, both inbalconythat ingarden, thrive best if placed in full sun.

Grow water lilies in the aquarium

In the aquarium, in addition tohardy water liliesit's possiblecultivate tropical water lilies. Since water lilies have very large flowers, cultivation is only possible in very large tanks.

For common home aquariums it is possiblegrow dwarf water liliestype aurora ormini water lilieswith leaf width less than 10 cm.

Giant water lily

Theregiant water lilyit is undoubtedly thetropical water lilymost popular and desired. Is calledGiant water lily Victoria amazonicaand has round leaves capable of reaching two meters in diameter. The circular leaves have a raised edge of several centimeters so as to float perfectly on the water without being flooded.

Water lily cultivation

The cost of water lilies is quite high but it comes toperennialsor in any case very long-lived. To improve the habitat it is advisable to use fish in the cultivation tanks, whether they are vases, containers, tubs, garden ponds or aquariums!

Goldfish and carp feed on the parasitic insects ofwater liliesso as to protect them in a natural way.

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