Drahthaar: character and breeding

Drahthaar: character and breeding

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Drahthaar, a dog wanted by the Germans and designed on purpose, to become the ideal hunting dog, versatile, hard-haired, capable of capturing foxes, mice, martens killing them without hesitation but without ever becoming dangerous or disobedient to humans. He is not a dog for everyone, the Drahthaar, and was born to be the German equivalent of the English Pointer, therefore able to get by very well even in the marshy areas of his homeland.
His name literally means hair-haar metallic draht, and indeed so is his coat, the character is less harsh but remains rustic and very faithful to the master.

Drahthaar dog

Of noble aspect, this wirehaired pointing dog it moves agile and at the same time powerful, fluid and harmonious. At the withers it can also measure 70 cm if male, the females reach 65 cm, the trunk is almost the same cm long, the skull is flat and broad with a very defined stop, the rather square muzzle makes the very dark, lively eyes, and medium sized ears.

The truffle of Drahthaar it is very pigmented and in harmony with the color of the coat which is always hard, adherent and dense, with a length ranging from 2 to 4 cm depending on the area. Characterizing this pointing dog are marked eyebrows and a strong but not too long beard. Returning to the colors, the coat can be poano-brown, with or without spots, or a mixture of black and white hair with or without spots.

There are examples too Brown, with or without white patch on the chest or light roan color but no other colors are allowed.

Drahthaar: farms

Breeding a Drahthaar it means keeping it in order, brushing it very often even if as a breed it is rustic, especially during the moulting periods. As a puppy it goes fed correctly, so that it reaches its size, without moving too much because it risks developing badly. When it grows up, this dog swallows everything it finds so it is necessary to be very careful with the doses and also with the quality of the food. Most of the herds of specimens of this breed are located in Germany, where they created it and it remains widespread.

Drahthaar: puppies

The puppies must be fed well but also very well behaved because the character of the strong Drahthaar. If you want them to grow like dogs also suitable for the family they should almost always be kept in the presence of people so that they get used to it, the same applies if there are other animals in the house or in the yard.

Two Drahthaar of the same sex are not at all easy to cohabit, as dogs maintain a strong predatory instinct for which if they are not educated as children, they can beggressivi also with cats, sheep, goats and other animals. The same goes for children: if they get used to their presence as puppies, they can be very sweet, otherwise better avoid this breed even if not aggressive in nature.

Drahthaar: character

As you may already have guessed, this dog has a firm but balanced character, very courageous but it is not aggressive. He is very attached to his master and always obeys, defends his entire family and is reserved.

Drahthaar: training

Train a Drahthaar to hunt it is a serious activity because it is a serious dog that can give excellent results. It is different if you want to educate him to become a good family dog.

It is always important, however, that it is clear who is in charge and that the master maintains some control over the dog, this is not a breed for inexperienced people at the first experience with a quadruped. If the training is well done, the Drahthaar lives well in the house and it is company even if it must always be moved a lot. It needs to spend many hours in the open air, to run and be entertained with games and simulations.

Drahthaar: price

One copy can cost from 700 to 1,100 euros, it varies greatly with gender and pedigree. To check the predisposition that a dog like these can have for hereditary diseases such as hip dysplasia and Von Willebrand type II disease, a particular form of haemophilia. We also take into account that prices may vary based on the availability of the animal at the time. In Italy it is not a very easy breed to find and for this reason the prices could rise but it does not mean that if it becomes easier to find, according to the market law, the prices will go down.

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