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The benefits of consuming Coca Flour

The benefits of consuming Coca Flour

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Coca is a shrub native to South America, where it has been cultivated since ancient times. Coca leaves are grown four times a year and today its cultivation has spread to several countries around the world.

The coca tea and the chacchado of the coca leaves are commonly used in populations of Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Argentina. Coca is an alkaloid plant like tea and coffee. There are several alkaloids that coca leaves contain and one of them is cocaine. The amount of cocaine in the coca leaves is between 0.5 and 1%. It is a minimal amount that has nothing to do with the devastating effects produced by the processed drug, since this alkaloid during chewing and due to the effect of saliva is transformed into ecgonine, a substance that helps to burn the fats accumulated in the liver generating energy .

Coca leaves can be used in various ways. They can be chewed, taken in filter, liquefied the fresh leaves and also consumed in the form of flour from the coca leaves in various preparations such as punch or cakes.

Benefits of coca flour

  • Prevents osteoporosis: Coca flour has more than 2000 mg of calcium (per 100g), an amount greater than milk or cheese.
  • Combat anemia: It has a large amount of iron and vitamin B, the latter is absorbed very well by the body and is used as a supplement
  • Lowers cholesterol and triglyceride levels: Regulates glucose and blood pressure
  • Fight depression: It clears the mind, helps concentration, gives physical and mental vigor and produces a certain well-being. Properties that would come in handy in depression and states of apathy or concentration deficit.

How to consume coca flour?

Taking coca flour is usually administered in the morning and on an empty stomach. Some people do not tolerate the taste, because it is a bit bitter, so it can also be mixed in breakfast juices. It can also be used in the kitchen to make delicious recipes.

The indication in terms of flour measurements vary according to each person, but generally it is indicated that one teaspoon is taken a day, starting from a quarter of a teaspoon until reaching the heaping teaspoon after a week.

By Karem Soto Bernal
Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics
C.N.P. 3965

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