How to reduce radiation and electromagnetic fields in the home

How to reduce radiation and electromagnetic fields in the home

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Studies suggest a relationship between continued exposure to magnetic fields and high rates of leukemia in children. This suspicion is confirmed by the Bonn Guidelines (Wissenschaftsladen Bonn), which has dealt with the problem of radiation for years.

The European Environment Agency (EEA), the Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS) and the initiatives of the Federation of Consumers call for the containment of radiation.

Especially children and the bedroom should be free from electric fields. Sleep or concentration problems can often be the presence of electromagnetic pollution.

The electromagnetic wave is the pollution produced by electromagnetic fields, both high and low frequency, they are fields artificially generated by electrical installations, (by any appliance or device that is connected to the alternating distribution network, even when they are turned off) and by the wireless transmission of data (mobile phones, transmitting antennas, cordless telephones, wifi, W-lan, etc)

Knowing the nature of the radiation that surrounds us and how it works will help us to better protect ourselves from its harmful effects. This is especially important in spaces where people who may be more vulnerable live, such as children, pregnant women, the elderly, or patients with some type of disease.

To improve our well-being and increase our quality of life, it is enough to take into account several basic tips regarding the quality of our environment, both at home and in the office.

Do not place electrical appliances on your bedside table, such as alarm clocks, halogen lamps with transformers or cordless phones. Do not put the mobile to charge next to your bed. Avoid spring mattresses and bed bases with ferromagnetic pieces.

Mobile phones. Do not carry your mobile in your pocket and, when you speak, do so hands-free or with air tube headphones. By moving it away from your body you are protecting yourself from its radiation. Connect Bluetooth or WiFi only when you need it. Make sure that children do not use mobile phones.

Home appliances. The washing machine, microwave, oven, boiler, induction cooker or ceramic hob should not be on the wall next to the head of your bed. Even when turned off, they emit radiation that passes through the wall.

Electrical installation. Check that the wiring does not emit more radiation than is strictly necessary and that the ground connections work well.

Wireless technologies. Wireless technologies such as DECT cordless phones or WiFi routers saturate our environment with high frequency radiation. Choose preferably wired technologies, and resort to wireless technologies only if unavoidable, always placing radiation sources away from places of high permanence.

Radon gas. When decorating your home, watch out for the use of some materials that can be a source of radon gas: it is radioactive and one of the major causes of lung cancer. If the property is built on granite soils or has hazardous materials such as some types of basalts, granites or ceramics, make sure there is good ventilation.

Antennas and cables. Before acquiring a new home or office, make sure there are no telecommunications or mobile phone antennas, high-voltage lines, power lines or urban transformers nearby.

Ventilation and materials. Avoid the excessive use of synthetic materials in carpets, varnishes or furniture. Maintain a relative humidity greater than 50% and ventilate frequently. Humidifiers and ionizers can help improve the quality of the environment.

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