The garbage that we accumulate in 4 years in shocking photos

The garbage that we accumulate in 4 years in shocking photos

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After 4 years of not throwing away his trash, this photographer created a powerful series of photos.

In 2011, photographer Antoine Repessé stopped throwing away his recyclable garbage and created a collection point inside his house. Four years later, the 70 cubic meters of waste collected he turned into a powerful photographic series that he called "# 365 Unpacked," which challenges us to rethink our role as consumers.

Over a period of 4 years, the artist accumulated more than 70 cubic meters of garbage: 1,600 bottles of milk, 4,800 rolls of toilet paper and 800 kg of newspapers. He separated and classified all the waste to obtain a visual image of strong impact: “I wanted to give an aesthetic dimension to my work,” he explains. “Choosing to sort the garbage gives a graphic effect. I tried to produce a perfect image that evokes something disturbing. "

With his series, Antoine tackles the main obstacle to driving big changes in waste management or global warming: this is how invisible these problems are in our daily lives: “We are often told about the amount of waste we produce, but I think that the impact of an image can be more powerful than a ton of words, "says Repessé. "I hope my project can inspire change", and so do we.

In the following TEDx talk, the artist explains his project:

Antoine was born in Lille and is a self-taught photographer. From the beginning, he started photojournalism projects inspired by sociopolitical issues. His latest project, "365 Unpacked", is the result of a questioning on an important issue in our societies: the production of waste on a daily basis.

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