Sulawesi island volcano erupts, devastated by earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia

Sulawesi island volcano erupts, devastated by earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia

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Soputan Mountain, in the Southeastern District on Indonesia's Sulawesi island, erupted on October 3 at 8:47 a.m. local time.

Fears of a new natural catastrophe in Indonesia are growing as authorities and emergency services continue to search for survivors and try to clarify the total number of people who died after the earthquake and subsequent tsunami that hit the northwest of the island of Celebes.

During the early hours of this Wednesday, the eruption of the Soputan volcano, located on the same island, some 600 kilometers east of the city of Palu - where more fatalities have been registered to date - has put the populations located within a radius of four kilometers. Soputan Mountain, in the Southeastern District on Indonesia's Sulawesi island, erupted on October 3 at 8:47 a.m. local time.

This occurs a few days after the violent t7.5 degree earthquake and subsequent tsunami which partially destroyed the city ofPalu Y Donggala, caused more than 1,300 deaths, hundreds of disappeared, and around 70,000 refugees.

Along with the explosion of the volcano, a gray to brown column of ash was observed that with strong pressure rose to 4000 meters. It is sloping to the west and northwest, the National Emergency Agency reported.

The authorities issued alevel 3 alert, with a limited radius of four kilometers around the cone of the volcano.

Indonesia has 127 major active volcanoes: one on alert IV, theSinabung; two on alert III, theAgung, in Bali, and theSoputan now in Sulawesi; and 18 on yellow alert, including theAnak Krakatau.

Tens of thousands of displaced

As a result of the earthquake and tsunami a total.61,867 people were evacuated to 109 reception points, including some refugees who came down from the hills, reported Sutopo Purwo, head of the National Emergency Agency.

Sebagian pengungsi di perbukitan sudah turun dan bergabung di titik pengungsian di Palu. Tercatat 61,867 jiwa mengungsi di 109 titik. Belum semua kebutuhan dasar bagi pengungsi terpenuhi. Bantuan logistik, BBM, tenda, kesehatan dll terus berdatangan. Penanganan masih dilakukan.

- Sutopo Purwo Nugroho (@Sutopo_PN) October 2, 2018

“Not all the basic needs of the refugees have been met. Logistical assistance, fuel, tents, health, etc., continue to arrive. The handling is still being done, ”Purwo said.

The following image shows an aerial view of the condition of the Balaroa Housing Complex in the city of Palu that was destroyed by the earthquake due to subsidence and collapse of the land. An estimated 1,747 houses were damaged.

"These dwellings" are located just above the Koro Palu fault. Many victims are buried here, ”Purwo said.

Pantauan udara kondisi Komplek Perumnas Balaroa yang hancur akibat ambles 3 meter dan terangkat 2 meter saat gempa 7,4 SR di Kota Palu. Diperkirakan qda 1,747 rumah yang rusak. Komplek Perumnas Balaroa ini tepat di atas Sesar Palu Koro. Banyak korban yang tertimbun disini.

- Sutopo Purwo Nugroho (@Sutopo_PN) October 2, 2018

The death toll rose to 1,407 between the cities of Palu and Donggala, authorities said according to the official count. Among them, Purwo reported today that 211 bodies were registered at the Undata Hospital in Palu.

“Some of the victims have been buried en masse in Paboya TPU (in the hills) and others taken by families. The victims are identified before being buried. The government has prepared 15 trucks and body bags for the mass burials of the victims, ”added the spokesperson and head of the Emergency Agency. In total 519 people have been buried.

Palu also lacks drinking water and lacks food. People take their own fuel at gas stations using jerry cans and bottles, as they don't work.

Masyarakat mengambil sendiri BBM di SPBU dengan menggunakan jerigen dan botol. Kondisi pomp SPBU banyak rusak terkena gempa dan tsunami di Kota Palu. Pertamina terus mengirim pasokan BBM dengan dikawal Polri. Perlu perbaikan darurat SPBU.

- Sutopo Purwo Nugroho (@Sutopo_PN) October 2, 2018

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