DIY Draining Message: How To Do It

DIY Draining Message: How To Do It

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More and more people are trying to understand how to do a do-it-yourself drainage massage, because they have read what are the numerous benefits that can be obtained from this practice or because, perhaps, they are just curious to try something "new", and are attracted by the characteristics of a lymph drainage massage.

Whatever your condition, in this guide we will try to introduce how a do-it-yourself drainage massage works and why you might consider making one at home.

But be careful: if you have any doubts about your health or do not feel particularly safe, or simply want to learn more from some authoritative source, we strongly recommend that you talk to your doctor and ask for a professional opinion!

What is the do-it-yourself draining massage

The draining massage it is probably not the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about self-massage. However, once you discover the properties of this massage, you will probably be so familiar with it that you want to exploit all its most important potentials.

Before understanding how to do it however, it is important to take a small introductory step.

They are present in our organism hundreds of lymph nodes localized throughout the body. They are connected together by lymphatic vessels, and on the whole they form - precisely - the lymphatic system. The task of the lymph nodes is to filter the various substances that accompany the lymphatic fluid and to fight diseases and infections with the help of lymphocytes (white blood cells). Put simply, this system helps your body remove toxins and waste.

Why do-it-yourself drainage massage is useful

Unfortunately, on a daily basis we are exposed to many potentially harmful substances that flood our environment: from cosmetics to food, from drinks to the air we breathe, everything contains potentially dangerous elements that our body may have some difficulty dealing with.

Although our body has a natural resistance to toxins and many detox systems, it cannot actually work miracles in the face of so many problems. As a result, our protective systems fail to deal with all of these elements, and our body ends up with the become overloaded with toxins that accumulate in one's system and become “blocked”, unable to be expelled anymore. And this is where health problems come into play.

Allergies, digestive problems, skin problems, a weakened immune system… all of this can indicate that your body is overloaded with toxins, as well as feeling tired or never feeling rested after a long sleep. Over time, these excess toxins can affect your health even more, leading to worse conditions and illnesses.

However, you can definitely help your detox system process and eliminate waste by learning how to do a draining massage.

The benefits you could get are:

  • an increase in the flow of lymphatic fluid through your body, with toxins that will be processed better and will leave the body much faster;
  • the improvement of hormonal function and the immune system thanks to the faster removal of harmful elements;
  • improved blood circulation and increased resistance to diseases and viruses;
  • a better appearance of your skin.

So to help your lymphatic system function smoothly, you can learn the correct massage technique! But how?

How to get yourself a drainage massage

First of all, you need to understand which areas of your body should be involved in this procedure, knowing that there are many lymph points. The main ones are those in the area under the clavicle (supraclavicular lymphatic area), in the area near the armpits, under the arms (auxiliary lymph nodes), inside the elbows and the central area of ​​the stomach near the solar plexus.

By massaging these lymph nodes, you will help your system speed up and release the toxins stored in the lymphatic fluid stream, so they can then be dissolved and expelled from your body.

It's about a practice painless that does not require any special equipment and can be performed almost anywhere: just a few simple movements and about 5 minutes of your free time.

Try starting by lying down or sitting on a comfortable flat surface. Locate the areas mentioned above with your fingers and press firmly into the skin where the spots are. Pick one or two points at a time.

With firm pressure, start massaging the points in a circular motion for about 8-10 seconds for each area. Remember to always be gentle and once you're done with one stitch, move on to the next, until all areas have been covered.

Although at first glance it seems that there are many areas to cover, in reality it only takes 2 - 4 minutes to complete the whole massage! Its speed and simplicity will allow you to do it wherever you are.

Finally, we remind you that while this method is quick and relatively easy to perform, you shouldn't be in any rush to finish it as quickly as possible. So take some time to cover all the points of your body, using a reference fencing, and naturally avoiding the areas of the skin where there is a wound or bruise.

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