How to clean the mocha?

How to clean the mocha?

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There mocha it is one of the most popular objects in Italian homes, even today when the coffee machines in pods or capsules have attacked the market.

But how to clean the mocha? How to properly remove limescale from filters?

How to clean the mocha

Let's go in order, and try to understand, step by step, how you can clean the mocha really effectively.

First of all, you must immediately take into consideration that cleaning the mocha is essential in order to guarantee you an increasingly good and increasingly hygienic coffee. Contrary to what some may claim, in fact, the patina that ends up depositing on the metal of the mocha does not make the drink better but, on the other hand, is able to alter the flavor of the ground.

So, you absolutely must know how to clean the mocha, because a whole series of benefits derive from this care that coffee lovers should well pursue.

Having clarified this, we recommend that you first of all avoid the use of aggressive or overly perfumed chemicals, because even in this case the risk is to finish staining the coffee maker with aromas that will eventually affect the drink.

How to descale the mocha

Now that you have the above awareness in mind, we can try to formulate some brief considerations that will allow you to descale the mocha correctly.

As for the external parts, the moka can be cleaned simply using a soft sponge soaked in white vinegar. You can pass the sponge on all surfaces, immediately obtaining a good shine and guaranteed hygiene.

And for the inside? In this case, we recommend that you put a liquid made up of 2 parts of water and 1 part of white vinegar in the mocha tank at least once a month. Close the tank and put everything on the fire. Once the liquid has come out, turn off the flame and let it rest. After 15 minutes, empty the tank and fill it with water again, then put it on the stove over low heat. Rinse with running water.

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What if the coffee doesn't come out?

So far, one ordinary cleaning of the moka, which we recommend you repeat at least once a month.

However, a slightly deeper cleaning may be necessary, especially if your mocha begins to generate some problems, such as the inability of the coffee to go out regularly. What can be done?

Probably if you are experiencing this problem it is because i filter holes they are clogged with coffee. To be able to clean them, just let the filter clogged with coffee soak in a basin, in which you have poured the liquid made up of 2 parts of water and 1 part of vinegar. With the help of a soft toothbrush, then proceed to scrub the small holes well and then rinse thoroughly under running water, beating the filter from time to time to remove all incrustations.

However, if despite this step you realize that there is still a lot of dirt in the filter, then try filling the mocha tank with water and a quart of vinegar, and put it on the fire exactly as you were preparing a coffee. Drain all the solution and throw it away without rinsing the machine. Then, once the mocha has cooled down, repeat the operation with the toothbrush, as above.

Clean the electric machine

What if you have one instead electric moka, or a moka that has an electric power supply and not a gas one? In this case, you probably have in your hands a mocha very similar to the traditional one, which differs from the classic one only for the different diet.

Well, this difference should, however, induce you to pay attention: considering that there are electronic elements on the bottom of the moka pot, you certainly won't be able to immerse it in water or put it in the dishwasher. Instead, you will have to avoid more frequently that the valve and the dispenser do not get clogged, perhaps with the help of a pin.

For the remaining components of your electric moka, it will be sufficient to take a cloth dampened with water only, which you can pass on all surfaces. Do not use any chemical element and be careful so that the water does not end up inside the circuits.

Avoid forgetting about this mocha maintenance routine, and we're sure your coffee will never have been so enjoyable!

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