How to use dental floss

How to use dental floss

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How to use dental floss: the simple to understand instructions for using dental floss best. Videos and tips on the use of dental floss.

The use of thedental flossit is essential in the prevention of caries, tartar, halitosis and other disorders of the oral cavity.

Before using thedental flossremember to wash your hands because you will have to insert, even if only partially, your fingers in your mouth! The dental floss should be passed before brushing your teeth with a toothbrush but after having generously rinsed your mouth and teeth with water.

How is dental floss used?

To understand how to use dental floss we have proposed a demonstration video at the end of the page. The video, uploaded to the web by a team of expert dentists, leaves out a fundamental detail: the dental floss it must be passed not only between one tooth and another, but also behind each tooth.

After cleaning both sides as shown in the video, don't forget to pass the thread at the posterior surface of each tooth. We spend hours of our life brushing the front surface of the teeth but reaching the back of each tooth is rather difficult with a simple brush. This is why the use of dental floss is not only recommended but also essential! To pass the floss behind each tooth, perform movements from top to bottom in the case of the upper arch and from bottom to top when flossing the lower teeth. Remember to make movements that go from the gingival arch to the edge of the tooth.

Which dental floss to choose?

There is no "best dental floss ", the choice of dental floss can be dictated by simple personal tastes. The only concern is to choose a dental tape waxed, easier to manage even for those who have a very small space between one tooth and another and have to struggle a little to be able to accompany the thread between the dental interstices.

Dental floss can be purchased in shopping malls or at the supermarket, however I recommend that you take a look at the online offers: I was used to buying Oral-B dental floss at a price of 3.60 euros for a single 25 meter pack. On Amazon I found the same product proposed in the 50 meter version and 3 packs cost only 12.24 euros, a greater saving is obtained withEssentialwhere 6 packs cost only 12.39 euros. For completeness, I refer you to the official pages of the products just mentioned, in both cases it is waxed dental floss.

  • Oral-B Essential dental floss, - 6 packs of 50 m each.
    Suitable for all types of teeth and gums. Price € 13.39 for a total of 300 meters. The supply will meet your dental floss needs for 665 days.

Dental floss should be used only once a day, preferably at the end of the day, many hours away from meals. From experience I tell you that the Oral-B Ultra dental tape (as well as other dental floss on the market) may seem too much double, you just need to stretch it well to change your mind. In case of gingivitis, I invite you to read the advice given in the article dedicated toNatural remedies for gingivitis.

Waxed and unwaxed dental floss

Because we recommended the use of awaxed dental floss?Because it is easier to manage.

Unwaxed dental floss is the "classic" one. The dental floss, in fact, was born as a very thin plastic, nylon or silk ribbon, which inserted delicately between the two teeth,scrape offresidues near the gumline and in the cavities where the toothbrush does not reach.

The application of the wax on the fibers that make up the dental floss make it easier to use and to useto inserteven between the spaces between teeth in the case of “narrow teeth”. Thewaxed dental flossit adapts better to enter every gap, even when the surfaces may have irregularities or in the case of braces on the teeth.

Unwaxed dental floss is more abrasive, those with fairly large spaces between one tooth and the other can choose unwaxed floss.

How to use dental floss with orthodontic appliances

Who carries the so-called tooth machine, better defined asorthodontic appliance, can use dental floss. The use of thedental flossit is always recommended and even more so if you wear the braces on your teeth because in this circumstance, the attention to be paid to your oral hygiene increases.

When wearing the orthodontic appliance, the time taken to pass thedental flossit increases because the movements become more difficult to perform.

Flossing with orthodontic appliances is not easy but besides being possible, it is a recommended action. Here's how it's done:

  1. Choose the right thread
    Use only waxed dental floss, a non-waxed dental floss risks getting stuck in the plates and tearing. There are various dental tapes and specific products on the market for cleaning around the appliance plates.
  2. Unroll a sufficient amount of dental floss: 45 - 50 cm should suffice.
  3. Grab the floss and pass it under the wire that joins the plates before inserting it between the two teeth.
  4. Do not force the insertion of the floss between one tooth and the other and at the time of use you must exert a certain pressure first on the side of one tooth and then on the other: never push towards the other in a central position.
  5. The movements for using dental floss with the braces are the same as indicated in the following video.

How to use dental floss, the demonstration video

To better understand how to use dental floss I point out this very interesting video. The video was made by the General Council of the Spanish Odontostomatological Colleges and dubbed in Italian by the dentist Alessio Bosco. The video will not only show you how to use dental floss but also how to take care of the oral cavity with pipe cleaners and a tongue cleaner. These strategies are perfect remedies for those with bad breath problems and, in general, for those who care about dental health.

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